Five Stripe Final is Joe Patrick, Rob Usry and J. Sam Jones, three lifelong friends who grew up dreaming of covering Atlanta United. In 2017, they got their wish. Rob started SBNation’s Dirty South Soccer and Joe and Sam eagerly rode his coattails. The three have covered the team ever since through their work for DSS,,, 92.9 The Game and, of course, a podcast called Five Stripe Final.

By subscribing to Five Stripe Final Dot Com, you’ll get podcasts, in-depth written coverage of Atlanta United and entry into the World Famous Five Stripe Final Discord channel. All that for just $7 a month, with 10% of profits going to Soccer In The Streets.

We think we’re pretty good at this after 7+ years of coverage. We know we have the best community around. We’re excited to welcome you in.


“The world-famous Five Stripe Final community has been a great place to digest the team for the past 3 seasons. I’ve always followed DSS over the years, and even in the worst of times, the coverage provided by Joe and Sam has been measured and fair, all while not taking themselves too seriously in the process. They lean on their community to continue to grow in their coverage of the team, and have done so in a way that makes it incredibly easy to support them.

“As an out of town fan, having a community in FSF has made my fan experience much more enriched, and without FSF, I wouldn’t be the fan I am today if the team. It took some starts from Lisandro Lopez, Jurgen Damm, and Manuel Castro to get to a point where the team has become fun again, but if Joe & Sam were able to grow this community in the midst of those dark days, I’m excited to see what they’ll do once the team is thumping folks again like 2018.” - Smurphey

“Sam and Joe are two of the most knowledgeable media folks about Atlanta United out there. Their shows always deliver great insight without taking themselves too seriously. Sam’s writing and analysis - not just about Atlanta, but all of MLS - is so on point that it’s helped me to understand soccer at a deeper level. If that was all Five Stripe Final offered, that would be a steal. But the best part of FSF is Discord. They’ve created a real community where people can thoughtfully chat about the team they love (and other things too!). I used to visit r/AtlantaUnited on Reddit a lot, but the FSF Discord has such a deeper level of conversation with people who really know what they’re talking about that I haven’t been on Reddit in years. The value FSF brings for Atlanta United fans is off the charts - it’s the easiest decision you can make to follow the team.” - Stewart

“Sam and Joe’s coverage of Atlanta United is absolutely unparalleled. Best $5 a month I spend, and I’m really looking forward to the new coverage!” - Nick

“Five Stripe Final combines two of the best independent journalists covering Atlanta United with one of the most supportive, friendly, and genuinely fun fan communities I've ever seen. Spectacular coverage and analysis, great podcast guests, and best of all the regular activity to interact with Sam and Joe and get a real understanding of what's going on around the team. Also Sam's pretty damn funny.” - Nathan

“A group of very, very smart fans, but not in an unapproachable way. To the contrary, it's one of the most friendly places I've ever found on the internet. So happy to have this community.” - Jake

“Being a part of the FSF community over the years has increased my understanding of this wonderful and silly league and team. Great commentary and analysis from Sam and Joe is bolstered by a strong and welcoming community.” - Logan

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